How to register or activate QuickBooks Desktop

For QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and newer versions for Windows

  1. Open your QuickBooks Desktop software, with QuickBooks open, press “F2″ on your keyboard.
  2. On the Product Information window, check the registration status at the right side of the License number.
    • If QuickBooks says “ACTIVATED”, you’re all set!
    • If QuickBooks is “NOT ACTIVATED”:
      1. Select “OK” to close the Product Information window.
      2. Go to the “Help” menu in your QuickBooks Desktop software toolbar, then select “Activate QuickBooks”.
        For QuickBooks Desktop 2016, select “Register QuickBooks”.
      3. Carefully follow the on-screen prompts to verify your information and complete the activation process.

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

  1. Go to the QuickBooks menu, then select “Register QuickBooks”.
  2. Enter the License Number and Product Number, then select “Next”.
  3. Select “Register Online”.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration.
    ** If the register option does not appear, the software is already registered.

Older versions

Intuit has a “QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation (Disco) policy” a discontinuation plan for older products. Discontinued QuickBooks Desktop products cannot be registered for the first time after they are discontinued. You may re-register discontinued products if they have been registered before and are being reinstalled. Please contact us at 1-888-877-3665 if you need additional support or have questions about registering QuickBooks.

Issues with registering or activating QuickBooks Desktop

  • If re-installing QuickBooks Desktop, make sure it’s the same information you used at the time of purchase.
  • If you have technical issues such as a blank screen or error message, try temporarily disabling your antivirus software.
  • If you cannot register on your own, contact us at 1-888-877-3665 for professional courteous support

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