Intuit is making their payments service more secure and easier to manage. Going forward when you sign in with your Intuit ID, you are entering your Intuit credentials on Intuit’s servers, making it more secure. Any update to your account information will be automatically updated across all Intuit products you use with your Intuit ID. Now your account is more secure as each employee will have their own unique Intuit ID.

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The new secure authentication system requires every QuickBooks Desktop Payments user to have a unique set of user credentials to be used in QuickBooks for processing payments. Users who don’t have an Intuit ID can create one and request access from the Payments admin to access Intuit Payments portal. Or contact us for assistance with securely creating the new accounts.

The updated Payments wizard will take you through the steps to get all set up. You may also choose to skip this and they will prompt you again later.

Confirm your payment User ID
Intuit will verify to you the Intuit ID that they have identified as being used for your Intuit Payments service account. This is the one you would have used when you signed up for Intuit Payments.

  • If your Intuit ID is shown, confirm by selecting “Yes”.
    • If the login is not associated with an Intuit ID, you’ll need to verify your email to continue the process.
    • If it’s connected to an Intuit ID, you’ll be asked to sign in with your Intuit ID and password and that is all your done!
  • If this identity doesn’t belong to you, select “No” then enter your Intuit ID or email address to continue.
    • If this login is not associated with an Intuit ID, you’ll need to verify your email and request access to the Payment services account.
    • If your email is connected to an Intuit ID, you’ll be asked to sign in with your Intuit ID and password and you’ll be all done!

Verifying your email

If Intuit has not found a user ID registered with Intuit Payments for your Payment service account, create a new account to move forward. As a first step you will have to verify the email ID that is registered with us.

Confirm your email address

To confirm if the email address displayed belongs to you, Intuit will send you a temporary pin which will be required to verify your email address. You can also receive the temporary pin on the phone number registered for your Intuit Payments account. Once you’ve entered your PIN correctly, you will see:

“Email Verified Let’s match your email to your Payments account. If you don’t have one, we’ll set one up”.

Request Access to Intuit Payments Services
Congratulations! You have successfully signed in with your Intuit ID. Use this identity for any Intuit application that connects to internet and want you to authenticate yourself. For your payments to work, you will need to get Intuit Payments access to the Intuit ID. Once you select “OK” Intuit will send a request to your administrator to grant you permission. The admin has to approve the request. Until then, Intuit will allow you to process payments as usual.

If you are an administrator, you should have received an email asking you to set up permission for the new Intuit ID. The details of the user requesting access as well as the QuickBooks company file name are provided in the request email notification.

  • Select “Set-up user permissions” to sign in with your Intuit ID and set the permission you feel is appropriate for the requesting user. The requesting user is automatically notified via email about the access right changes as soon as you have given them permission.

Manage your Account
Once you have logged in successfully, you can manage and edit most of the information for your Intuit account based on your role and permissions. You also have the capability to manage most of your Intuit products by selecting the icon in the upper right of your QuickBooks.

QB Manage your account

What is an Intuit Identity or Intuit ID or User ID?
An Intuit Identity or Intuit ID is your user ID for Intuit sites and allows you to access multiple Intuit applications. Your Intuit account information is accessible through any of them. Once you sign in with your Intuit ID, you can see your company details, download your products, and make changes to your stored information.

How do you recover a forgotten User ID or password?
If you can’t remember your User ID or password follow the steps below to reset your password.

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Forgot your Password?” or “Forgot your User ID?”
  3. Follow the steps to retrieve your password or User ID.
  4. Try to sign in again once you have completed the above steps.